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""Aquatic Palace" The multipurpose sports complex gives more new opportunities for sports activities to the most wide range of admirers of sport - both to athletes, and amateur adherents of physical culture and a healthy lifestyle, including adults and children. The fitness center of 2500 sq.m includes 8 universal gyms, such as: yoga, Pilates, dances, zumba, cycling. And also the area of 1500 sq.m. is allocated to other sports occupations. The Aquatic Palace Created by Spanish architect Kim Ball.The main priority of a complex is that a ceiling part of the Olympic complex consists of glass and it provides the longest presence of natural light. The universal swimming pools which do not have an analog in the country are provided in use both to professionals, and fans of sport. Pools meet the European and International standards. Water in pools, is purified by the special modern equipment and sanitary and hygienic safety is constantly ensured. Water is purified by two methods: by the physical - Perlit method and by a chemical method. During the purification chemically, using a computer in the cleansing composition jetted special composition for water purification. The composition of water is supported at such maximum level that water does not harm hair, skin and the main thing, to a human body. In our complex much attention is paid to children, both future potential athletes, and regular fans. Under the leadership of professional coaches group occupations for children aged from 6-15 years are created. Also in a complex the beauty shop, Spa center with various steam and multipurpose cabins of souls, therapeutic and massage offices which will not leave indifferent our guests functions. Also the kids who came to us with the parents did not remain unattended. For them, a special children's room with the animators and educators, where they can have fun and wait for their parents who use our services of the complex. At "Aquatic Palace" Restaurant you can study the menu including the classical dishes and dishes of healthy food which are basis of your healthy lifestyle with indication of ingredients and the number of the calories included in them. Let's note that around complex the parking on 500 machines is provided.


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Rashad AbdurahmanovSwimming

Swimming Division Manager.


Marina AydarovaFitness

Fitness manager


Azer BabayevSwimming

Water polo Manager



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